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It is the goal of our group to bring the true essence of luxury living to our fellow Indonesians.
— Maggie Halim, Chairwoman of Masari Group


Bringing luxury to Indonesia

Masari Group is the premiere luxury group in Indonesia with an extensive portfolio of brands. Our mission has always been to bring the essence of true luxury into Indonesia through our brands.

Each brand has its unique history that adds to their respective craftsmanship expertise and has since become leaders in what they represent.

While each of our brands retain its uniqueness and exclusivity, each also benefits from synergies with the others. Our group's diverse portfolio allows us to cover a wide range of luxury goods leading to a fulfilling luxury experience.


42 years of excellence

As a company that has 42 years of experience in the retail industry, Masari Group is a key player that is capable of building a brand's presence in Indonesia. Masari Group's success in promoting and developing brand awareness is clearly evident in the longevity of the relationships with the brand's principals.